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Meet our teachers here!
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Native Eric

Hello Everybody,
I'm Eric from California. I majored in international relations at the University of California at Davis, California. I graduated in the spring of 1994 and came straight to Japan to begin a new exciting life in Nagoya where I have a friend who helped me extensively. I studied Japanese at the YWCA everyday and Shotokan Karate but soon found it quite expensive to live here. Consequently I soon began working as an English teacher and soon after that I moved up to Tokyo which was my dream at the time. I've about 15 years of experience in teaching and several years of experience working for Japanese companies as well.   I've managed to become conversationally fluent in spoken Japanese but am still studying as my ability is yet insufficient. I'm a bit passionate about dance, specifically Argentine Tango. I'm also into the esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual. In short, life's more meaningful questions interest me.  I'm also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I'm fascinated with concepts such as the flat-world theory, aliens and so on. Most importantly I love teaching English so I'm quite happy to be able to help people of all ages here at the school these days. I welcome you to Little California English, a sort of little California in Tachikawa.


Native Summer

Summer Murase

Hello everyone! My name is Summer and I am from San Francisco, California. I am half Japanese and have lived in Japan for 7 years. When I am not teaching English, I enjoy playing music, dance, sewing, comedy, and attempting Japanese cooking. I also love vintage fashion and sing old jazz standards in English, Japanese, and French. I understand the challenges of learning new languages, and am looking forward to teaching you English. 


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Native Jeremy

Jeremy Aurswald

Hello everybody,

I'm Jeremy from Clearwater, Florida. I grew up in the United States and now I'm living in Kunitachi, Tokyo with my wife and son. I enjoy gardening edible plants, creating graphic art and going on nature hikes. I moved here to raise my son together with my Father and Mother-In- Law. I look to improve my Japanese through immersion and explore this beautiful country with family and friends.


アンカー 4

Nobuaki Park

Native Nobuaki

Hello everyone, I’m Nobu. 

Growing up, I lived in both Manila and Tokyo. 

In Manila with my mom, we experienced warm weather throughout the whole year . 

We also used to love eating tropical fruits and swimming at pristine beaches. 

When in Tokyo with my dad, we used to explore wonderful cityscapes, eat fresh sushi and enjoy the changing seasons. 

Having graduated from an international university I feel that I’m able to really appreciate different cultures. 

I am also an aerobics instructor. I trained in Singapore and Thailand. 

I have been teaching both English and Fitness to children and adults for more than 10 years. 

アンカー 5
Natrive Evan

Evan Suzuki

Hi! My name is Evan Suzuki. I am from O’ahu, Hawai’i and currently on a yearlong exchange at Meiji University. I am half-Japanese on my father’s side, but since I am fifth generation Japanese-American, I am in the process of studying Japanese. In Hawai’i my hobbies are hiking and surfing. Although I am far from home, I’m excited to explore Tokyo, learn about Japanese culture, and practice my Japanese. I am passionate about education and youth development and have worked as a preschool teacher and reading tutor in the States. I look forward to this opportunity to work with students here at Little California.   

アンカー 6
Native Aiyana

Aiyana Kleefisch

Hi everyone! My name is Aiyana and I’m from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am half-Japanese on my mother’s side but have lived in the United States my entire life. I moved to Japan to study Japanese. As my goal is to become fluent enough where I can read newspaper articles and novels in Japanese. My favorite pastimes include hiking, reading, dancing hula, and discovering new places to eat. I am very much looking forward to teaching you English.

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